“Glass Cabaret” by Kira Sheppard

Glass Cabaret “Glass Cabaret” by Kira Sheppard

Kira Sheppard is one of those unique and special artists that when the opportunity arises to see them live, you know you have to be there. That’s why this Thursday (Oct 25th) The Ship is the place to be, as Kira and her friends Melanie O’Brien and Phil Goodridge take the stage for a rare performance at home. I first discovered Kira’s music in 2008 when she released her one and only RPM album and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. Her lovely voice, beautiful harp music and whimsical, heart-breaking poetry are irresistible. At first brush one might draw comparisons to artists such as Joanna Newsom, Kate Bush and Tori Amos, but the discerning listener will quickly realize that Kira has spun a musical web all her own.

In 2010 Kira released her official debut album entitled 7 Million Songs, recorded by Matt Finateri (Vegan Porn) at Happy Path Studios. The EP consists of seven songs performed with only vocals accompanied by harp but sound more lush and rich than most full band recordings. The record is also so full of brilliantly written and composed songs. I had real trouble trying to settle on one as today’s track, so I went with “Glass Cabaret”, a re-recording of a track from Kira’s original RPM album.

Drop by The Ship this Thursday (Oct 25th) at 9 PM to hear more great music from Kira Sheppard and friends.