“For Doc” by Birds For Bees

Jun 28 2012

“For Doc” by Birds For Bees
“Hello, thanks for listening. Hello, it’s February 29th. Hello, I don’t think I did too bad for someone who only picked up a guitar six months ago,” sings the unidentified woman who recorded her RPM debut Like Dinner this year under the alias Birds For Bees. Those opening lines might sound like a disclaimer until you hear the follow-up line “I don’t mean to make excuses. C’mon, I don’t really have much else to go on.”

These sentiments sum up the RPM Challenge nicely. Everyone wants to record their own album but you don’t have to perfect your talents first or wait around for inspiration to strike, you can just do it using what you have. It’s “an exercise in doing and being done,” says Birds For Bees.

Like Dinner features ten tracks of solo acoustic guitar and vocal performance, but they are not all about heartbreak and lost love as one might expect. “Piatto” reads the menu from a pizza place downtown with the lyrics “margarita pizza, marinara pizza, Americana pizza…” and the list goes on as we hear an assortment of background noises which I like to think are the sounds of someone actually making a pizza. “For Doc” is a hilarious song about wiener dogs with the lyrics “Wish someone had said to us, a wiener dog can be such a fuss. Yes she’s a very long wiener dog but we don’t need a wiener dog right now.” The coolest part of the track is when Birds For Bees harmonizes with her dog in a howling duet. The world needs more interspecies harmony!

Although I featured the comedic “For Doc” as today’s track, this is not a whole album of humorous, light hearted ditties. There are some touching and heartfelt ballads about real life experiences such as “Writer”, “Thin White Line” and “Gideon’s Life”. After listening to Like Dinner several times now I’d have to agree with Birds For Bees, for someone who only picked up a guitar six months earlier, she didn’t do too bad at all.

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