“Flown Away” by Ben Rigby

Photo by Zach Bonnell

Tonight (Monday, Sept 24th) Joanna Barker will host Music NL’s open mic night at The Ship. If you feel so inclined you can head down and play a couple tunes or just sit back and take in a night of great local music. Tonight will also be the last opportunity for St. John’s music fans to see banjo master Benjamin Rigby live for a long time as he will be moving to China.

Ben first started performing publicly with Dead Language in 2008 which featured Katie Baggs and Matthew Hornell who would both go on to become well known solo acts in their own right. Most recently Benjamin has been recording and touring with All The Wiles, which consists of his fellow Dead Language bandmate Katie Baggs, Jared Klok, Jake Nicoll and Billy Nicoll. Over the years Ben has also released his own solo records including Flown Away (2011), Musings From A Balcony (2011) and City Squabbles (2012) as well contributed to records by his friends such as Joanna Barker and Katie Baggs. So if you know Ben or simply enjoy his music, drop by The Ship tonight and give him a proper send off in true St. John’s fashion.


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