“Evolve” by Rasa

Last year’s record-breaking crop of RPM albums (139!) also included a couple gems from some of the St. John’s scene’s best and brightest. One of these was Trap Street by local duo Sandy Morris and Erin Best, otherwise known as Rasa. Trap Street is the first record of original music Rasa has released since 2001’s Neoprehistoric, which garnered the duo some solid radio hits and ample attention regionally. Ten years later, it’s evident that the passing of time only served to deepen the band’s creative well. Trap Street presents a diverse range of material from plaintive ballads such as opening track “No Safety In The Tongue” to the soulful blues rock of “New Kinda Hard”. Instrumental track “The BRJ” sounds like lost cut from the Top Gun soundtrack with blistering guitar acrobatics soaring high above some 50’s doo-wop-style chords. Today’s track, “Evolve” breaks more new ground fusing electronic beats with Sandy’s gritty slide guitar and back porch banjo. Erin’s vocals go from a powerful vibrato in the chorus to a KT Tunstall-esque kind of hushed rapping in the verse.

Trap Street is a great listen from start to finish and one that finds this duo branching out into some unexplored territory for them. You can listen to the album in its entirety at the link below.

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