“Do or Die” by HogDave

Although you may not have heard of HogDave, they’re not really a new band. The group was originally formed in 2005 by Aaron Bolt (guitar/vocals), Matt Osbourne (guitar), Jordan Flight (bass) and Jonathan Peach (drums) who all grew up together in and around Arnold’s Cove. In 2006 HogDave released its debut album Disasterpiece and shortly after went their separate ways playing in other bands on the local scene. Just last year the group reunited and began working on demos for their sophomore album.

Musically, the band tap into a late 90s/early 2000s alt-rock sound, calling to mind groups like Foo Fighters, Green Day and Age of Electric. Today’s feature is the title track, “Do or Die” from their upcoming album. You can catch HogDave live at The Levee this Thursday (Jan 3rd) with Rising Design.