“…Death Do Us Part” by Man The Animal

[wpaudio url=”https://dl.dropbox.com/u/11190797/trackoftheday/JUNE2012/06_Death%20Do%20Us%20Part.mp3″ text=”“…Death Do Us Part” by Man The Animal” dl=”0″]
This Saturday (June 16th) at The Ship, local trio Man The Animal will be celebrating the release of their debut EP We Fall Down and premiering their new music video from said album. Cody Westman (vocals, guitar), Evan Hennessey (bass, vocals) and Brian Downton (drums, vocals) have been working hard on their new EP over the past year and are thrilled that it’s now complete and ready to share with fans.

We Fall Down contains seven blistering tracks of alt-rock, packed full of soaring vocals, bluesy guitar crunch and full on drum fury. The high energy sound of the record is surprising considering the process involved in it’s composition.

“I usually write the songs on an old classical guitar believe it or not, then bring them to rehearsal and hash them out with the guys,” says Cody.

Once the songs were polished and ready to go Man The Animal called on some well-known local producing talents to help them realize their vision in the studio. “We recorded at two locations in St John’s,” says Cody. “Bed tracks at Ritchie Perez’ house and all the tracking finished at Recordtime Productions with Kevin Pinhorn. The EP was mixed in Toronto by Laurence Currie (Hey Rosetta!, Wintersleep, Joel Plaskett) and Mastered by Noah Mintz (Billy Talent, Broken Social Scene).”

Today’s track “…Death Do Us Part” breathes some new life into the tried and true 12-bar blues phrasing with skittering hi-hats and raunchy guitar hooks. Cody unleashes a soulful wail in the chorus, bellowing “Yes sir” with a gusto that would make Howlin’ Wolf proud. From there the band kicks it up a notch with “Don’t Feel The Same” which was featured as Track of The Day a little while back, and the raucous “Psychobilly Love Song”. Brian Downtown fires up “No Apologies” with some nicely syncopated tom thudding as Evan Hennessey delivers an ominous, brooding bass line before the song swells into its anthemic, grunge-y chorus.

The album also features two live, in the studio recordings of “Want You Now” and title track “We Fall Down”. These songs beautifully demonstrate the strength of Man The Animal as a live entity as they feed of each other to give the recordings the same dynamic energy that characterises their stage performance. In fact, Cody reveals that the EP was recorded with live interpretation clearly in mind. “We kept it pretty simple, recording beds live with no click track and only doubling guitars, not adding anything that we can’t play live. We are just a three piece after all.”

Man The Animal may be “…just a three piece”, but they bring a raw energy and bombast which a band of any size would be proud to call their own. Check out Man The Animal live for yourself this Saturday (June 16th) at The Ship with The Citizen, Stephen Green and Faster Than Felix. You can also pick up a copy of We Fall Down at Fred’s Records or online at www.cdbaby.com/cd/mantheanimal