Creed – Full Circle (2009)

(Wind-Up Records)

Has it really been eight years? Wow. It’s seems like just yesterday that Creed were the biggest, shittiest fifth generation grunge band dominating the radio with tasteless, overblown, chest-thumping power ballads. But, yes indeed, it’s been eight years since Creed put out their last album Weathered, leaving the modern rock world with nothing but Nickelback to fill the void. Now, finally, they have reunited and delivered this album, which is probably their best (I wasn’t curious enough to actually re-listen to any of the previous ones). Here Creed give a more concentrated effort to appear to be “edgy” and “metal” and not at all like washed up bags of sadness. But, all in all, Creed are the auditory equivalent of a glass of warm Red Bull and a bag of Styrofoam peanuts, and Scott Stapp has the lyrical subtlety of a sledgehammer and a sack of kittens.
— Patrick canning

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