“Cold Out, Sunshine” by The Stone Sparrows

Jul 27 2012

This Saturday night (July 28th) at The Ship three very different acts will share a the stage for a show that will delight music lovers with an eclectic palate. There will be the alt-rock of The Manifest, the synth-dance of Cafeteria, and the bluegrass roots sound of The Stone Sparrows. The latter of the three are a visiting quartet from Ontario that give their own unique slant on a melting-pot of musical styles ranging from classical to bluegrass to jazz.

Today’s track “Cold Out, Sunshine” beautifully blends emotive, gospel-style group-vocals with a fiddle romp. Considering that the group is composed of a jazz/funk vocalist with a background in opera (Meghan Patrick), a talented multi-instrumentalist (Sam Balson), a punk rocker (James Gorry) and a classical violinist (Oliver Ward), it’s no surprise that The Stone Sparrows music straddles the line between a variety of genres.

Check out The Stone Sparrows at The Ship this Saturday night (July 28th) with The Manifest and Cafeteria.


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