Children’s crusade

David Keating talks to Children of Eve as the prodigal sons prepare to return on tour.

Joel Upshall is somewhere in the middle of Canada. (Nearabouts Oakville, Ontario at last contact.) Via intermittent email and phone calls he found the time to answer questions about the monster 30-gig tour that he and the member of Children of Eve embarked on starting St. Patrick’s Day.
Dubbed The Canadian Crusade, the band is booked with almost daily shows running round-trip from Milton in Ontario to back home in Newfoundland before closing out in Kitchener on May 3rd.

The one show in St. John’s is scheduled for March 28th.

“Touring is when a band is at its best,” says Upshall. “Your music is the tightest, your band is working together as brothers and as best friends to make your little unit work.” As an afterthought, he adds: “Haha, I said ‘little unit’.”

It’s clear Joel and the band are having fun.

“The Canadian Crusade Tour we’re doing right now is eight weeks long,” he says. “We’re happy to be on the road for that long, especially with such amazing people. Today I Caught The Plague, from Ottawa are amazing friends and musicians. If you haven’t checked them out, do it up.”

Two years ago when members of Children of Eve spoke to The Scope, the primary reason for their relocating to Halifax from St. John’s was the need to be better situated for touring. Having made good on their promise to get out on the road, the members of Children of Eve have also discovered additional benefits to making music in a brand new setting.

“We moved to Halifax with only two of the 11 songs on our new record already written,” Joel says. “We got there, got settled into the house, got set up in the new jam space and it was like we were in a whole new world, man. It brought us closer and made this music thing seem a whole lot more real to us too. It was a great era in all our lives.”

More than the move or even the recording of a new album, Joel says touring has brought the best experiences.

“We’ve learned that we live in a big, beautiful country. Canada has as an amazing alternative music scene that we’re really excited and thrilled to be a part of,” he says.

Despite the gig-heavy schedule, Upshall says fans of the band can expect a high-energy show every night of the tour.

“We like to create as much of an original atmosphere as we can. We don’t just like playing heavy music all night, we like to start somewhere, go somewhere and end somewhere completely different. Every set is different, every crowd is different, every show is different. That’s the goal.”

Children of Eve members—Joel Upshall, Logan Wall, Will Dray, Bruce Skinner and Steve Hollett—along with their merchandise and ‘amazing mustaches’ will hit Corner Brook on March 26th for their first Newfoundland show of the tour.

One word of caution from Joel for those attending their shows: Beware the naked werewolf.

“The naked werewolf is a mystical and majestic creature from the depths of your fears. Watch your back at Canadian Crusade shows this month. The werewolf is naked and hungry.”

Catch Children of Eve at Junctions on March 28th. Online, visit Children of Eve at