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“Chasin’ The Dragon” by Thomas Trio & The Red Albino

Jul 31, 2012

“Chasin’ The Dragon” by Thomas Trio & The Red Albino
Before The Pathological Lovers, before The Haters and before Fur Packed Action, The Scope’s Best Local Rock Star hall-of-famer Jody Richardson fronted a band named Thomas Trio & The Red Albino. Tonight (July 31st) this legendary local band will reunite and take the stage at George Street Festival.

My first encounter with the music of Thomas Trio & The Red Albino was as a kid living in La Scie. I remember watching a Much Music special on the St. John’s music scene and being blown away by two things: that Newfoundland had rock bands (yeah, I was sheltered), and that they sounded great.

Thomas Trio & The Red Albino were trailblazers in the NL rock scene, and consisted of Lil Thomas (guitars/vocals), Louis Thomas (drums), Danny Thomas (bass), Jody Richardson (vocals), and sometimes Linda Kronbergs (keys/vocals). The band enjoyed much popularity between the late 80s and early 90s but then split up in 1993. During their heyday they released two killer albums, Jam It In Ya (1989) and Thomas Trio & The Red Albino (1992) both of which are extremely hard to find on cassette or CD. That being said, both albums are available for free download at along with a host of other live recordings and covers from back in the day.

Today’s track, “Chasin’ The Dragon”, is from Jam It In Ya and was a pretty big hit for the group. Don’t miss one of the greatest bands to come out of Newfoundland tonight (July 31st) at George Street Festival, with Rich Aucoin.

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2 Responses

  1. avatar
    Geoff Younghusband Says:

    Lori Cooper was the original keyboard player and is in the featured picture above. Linda Kronbergs replaced her.

  2. avatar
    damian Says:

    thanks for the info Geoff

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