“Castelvania 1 & 2” by The Cartridge Family

Ever longingly think back to the days when you would play old school NES games like Super Mario Bros and Castlevania until your thumbs went numb? Ever wish that you still had your old system so you could play them again? Well wish no longer, this Friday (Oct 26th) you could win a fully functioning, original Nintendo Entertainment System complete with two controllers, light gun and a Mario/Duck Hunt Game and take in some great live music in the process. All you have to do is show up at The Levee on Friday for The Cartridge Family/Uneeda show dressed in your best costume. The winner of the costume contest goes home with the NES for countless hours on nostalgic, thumb punishing entertainment. There will also be loot bags, prizes, treats, a comedy set and a Misfits cover set by Uneeda. Don’t miss it.