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“Burning Away” by Cara Lee Coleman

Mar 6, 2013

RPM veteran Cara Lee Coleman returns this year with her 2013 submission to the Challenge, Motherloaded. Opening with the brutally real Mark Lanegan-meets-Townes Van Zandt vibe of “Cocaine”, Cara sets the tone for a reoccurring theme of dark, country-tinged blues. “Paint It Blue” picks up that torch with its chugging bass, reverb-soaked guitar leads and tasteful gritty solos courtesy of Brad Power (Kujo/Casual Male). Elsewhere, songs like “Standing At The Stake” and “Forgotten Jesus” go a little deeper into country blues territory, with the latter tossing in a few elements of jubilant gospel bluegrass balanced out by the tongue-in-cheek lyric “I think about the Beatles and I’m waiting for the sun. Oh dear God take me to heaven so I can meet George Harrison.”

Motherloaded also has plenty of touching acoustic numbers like “Cloud Shaped Boat” and today’s track “Burning Away”, with great lyrical flow and killer lines like, “What we have today is a new mound of clay, yesterday’s burning away.” Cara also gets experimental on tracks like the world music-synth fusion “I Am I Know I Am” and the electronic beats and Meat Puppet-like vamp of “City of Paper Ghosts”. As if recording one album isn’t a big enough task to complete in 28 days, Cara went a step further and recorded solo piano versions of each of the songs on Motherloaded and released it as a second beautiful album The Motherloaded Piano. Have a listen to these two great albums for yourself at the links below.

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