“Bang! Bang!” by Danny Keating

Sep 10 2012

“Bang! Bang!” by Danny Keating
This weekend I spent a lot of time getting ready to teach the new school year while simultaneously doing some retrospective listening to some of my favorite local musicians. One of these was the great Danny Keating. Aside from being a member of local bands such as Origin of The Sound Band, The Peepholes and more recently Catmanduah, Danny is also a brilliant solo performer. Hearing his songs performed stripped down with just guitar and vocals really conveys the strength of his songwriting and lyrical wit. Although his records are difficult if not almost impossible to find (online or otherwise), I did manage to pester Danny enough last year that he sent me a pile of his acoustic demos, and I’ve been enjoying them ever since. Today’s track, “Bang! Bang!”, has a catchy Beach Boy’s-esque feel, power-pop sensibility and some timely references to “sweater weather”, which is sadly fast approaching as autumn rolls in.


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