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“At The Same Rate” by Call Off Your Masters

Jul 19, 2012

“At The Same Rate” by Call Off Your Masters
Tonight (Thursday, July 19th) local hard rock act Call Off Your Masters will be opening the first night of Firm Thursday All-Stars at Distortion. I first heard this group’s music when I discovered their 2012 RPM Challenge album called Live – Distortion. The record is largely instrumental, with tight, riff-heavy jams abounding. When vocals do appear such as on the acoustic opener “BITS” and the airy angst of “All Chiefs” they recall a guttural mix of Maynard James Keenan and James Hetfield.

Songs like “When You’re Right” and “Intendo” reveal some interesting jazz and funk influences which the band fuse with straight up rock and prog. One of the things that struck me about Call Off Your Master’s recording is their knack for clever, off-kilter arrangements. Tunes such as “You Are” and “Face Tattoo” employ skittering odd-times and space between notes to create a fluid, atmospheric sound all the while without dropping a beat.

Drop by Distortion tonight and check out Call Off Your Masters kicking off Firm All-Stars along with Eletrikompany, Catmanduah, Streal, Blackened Lungs, Kill Popoff, Werewoman and Be Alright!

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One Response

  1. avatar
    Steve Says:

    Hey there, thanks so much for the write up!
    Call Off Your Masters have also been writing new tunes and plan to have
    our 1st record out in the Fall.
    We are excited to open the Firm All Stars tonight at Distortion!

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