“An Open Letter From The Island” by Ian Foster

Over the years a few songs have come to be synonymous with Newfoundland culture. Landmarks of our musical heritage. There’s Buddy Wasisname and The Other Feller’s “Salt Water Joys”, Eddie Coffey’s “Grey Foggy Day” and Jim Payne & Fergus O’Byrne’s “Wave Over Wave” to name a few that come to mind. For a long while though, it seemed that a generation of Newfoundland songwriters had abandoned the classic ‘song about being a Newfoundlander’ theme.

Enter Ian Foster’s The Evening Light (2011), a collection of tracks with a fresh perspective on the Newfoundland experience, foremost of which is “An Open Letter From The Island”. For the benefit of people off the island, Ian opens the song by clarifying that playing the fiddle, singing Irish music or drinking every day aren’t exactly required activities for all Newfoundlanders, and from there Ian elaborates on what it means to be a Newfoundlander.

Today’s track is the brand new video for Ian’s “An Open Letter From The Island”, shot and directed by Alona Power and Andrew Winter. It also features a host of cameos from up and coming Newfoundland artists including Sherman Downey, Matt Hornell, Matt Hare, Jerry Stamp and many more. Check out Ian’s 2011 The Evening Light for more of his amazing music.


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“Singer/songwriter Ron Hynes will begin a rigorous treatment program next month for throat cancer,…”

“Singer/songwriter Ron Hynes will begin a rigorous treatment program next month for throat cancer, his manager says. The Man of a Thousand Songs will begin radiation and chemotherapy mid-August.” – Ron Hynes battling throat cancer – Local – The Telegram

31 July 2012

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