“A Song For You” by The Drows

“A Song For You” by The Drows
In February 2011 Shona Stacey, Andrea McGuire and Rebecca South recorded their debut RPM Challenge album, Take an Apple and Go to The Mountain, as folk trio The Drows. In the months to follow The Drows created a buzz on the local scene as more people began listening to their music and they started performing a handful of shows. Shortly after, the group went on hiatus as members began leaving the province for education and other life pursuits.

As of January it seemed that Rebecca would be recording a solo album for the 2012 RPM, since Shona and Andrea were out of province, but some last minute developments led to the reunion of the trio and The Drows successfully recorded a second RPM album, entitled Picking Flowers. The record retains the same stripped down, ukulele arrangements as Take an Apple… but with more emphasis on their trio’s beautiful three-part vocal harmonies as is evident on songs like “Ghost” and “Snow You Wonderful Temptress”.

Album opener “The Wind” gives a sense of longing, with vocal inflections reminiscent of a young Stevie Nicks. “Melody” embodies the classic Drows sound with its rich layers of vocal harmonies backed by a lone ukulele. The song’s lyrics also contains beautiful images, like…

“The doors lept wide open, gust of wind had come in.
From the outside it looked like no one had been home.
It played a melody in the kitchen with the dish rack.”

Picking Flowers also has its share of upbeat toe-tappers like “Sleep Walking” and “Standing Room Only,” as well as some great minor-key 1930’s jazz-influenced pieces like “What a Shame” and today’s track “A Song For You”.

Picking Flowers is another great album from one of my favorite local bands. Check it out for yourself at the link below.