A retro romp from Halifax’s Gypsophilia


7-Piece Halifax gypsy jazz band Gypsophilia have recently put out a new album that’s a lot more interesting and sophisticated than you would expect from a band with a terrible name like “Gypsophilia”. SA-BA-DA-OW! is a fun, light-hearted, eclectic mix of various eastern European traditional sounds, klezmer, French Django Reinhardt-ish jazz, and classic swing. All the songs were recorded live off the floor and have that great roomy vibe which showcases the dynamic interplay to great effect. They are a little on the cute side though, with short quirky songs played up to show their goofy charm rather then serious jazz chops, although more avant-garde tendencies leak through in the songs “Anything” and “Agricola & Sarah”. The album is mainly a light, entertaining retro romp from a group of young, talented Halifax jazzbos.

—Patrick Canning

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17 September 2012

  1. Bryan · September 17, 2012

    Gypsophilia will be playing on July 18th in St. John’s as part of the Wreckhouse International Jazz and Blues Festival!

    Check them out.

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