A band done, but not abandoned.

Alex Pierson camps out.

When you conjure up a list of excellent local indie rock bands, who comes to mind? I am willing to bet tens of dollars that Trailer Camp is up there.

From their modest beginnings back in 2002, Trailer Camp has become one of the best rock bands this city has ever seen. They’ve been plently busy over the years too: after three full-length albums, several demos, and a split 7”, with another EP on the way (yes, it’s true), they have also managed to fit in some touring as well.

The band recently declared that they are calling it quits — as frontman Jon Hynes is preparing to relocate to Toronto. There are farewell shows coming up over the next two weeks, and this will be the last time that you will get to see these guys together for a while (*sniff*)… attendance is mandatory!

Trailer Camp evolved out of a successful musical collaboration between Jon Hynes and Jamie March, eventually adding Anthony Brenton on bass, and guitarist Brad Power. The aforementioned Victor Lewis later took over for Anthony on bass duty.

In a letter to fans posted on their website recently, Jamie sums up the experience in the beginning:

“We just wrote until [the songs] sounded good to us, then eventually we’d see how it went live. That was the extent of our ambition for the band at the time.”

Trailer Camp have since gained a solid reputation for consistently tight and powerful live shows, which they have been able to transfer to their records. No small feat, that.

Trailer Camp’s full-length debut I Respect Your Footwear was followed in 2005 with Hope You Didn’t Sleep On the Violator, which combined Jon Spencer volatility tempered with Stephen Malkmus’ janglyness.

Last Fall their third full-length The Radical was released, which represented a tangible change in direction in terms of not only texture, but in approach to songwriting as well. The Radical boasts something of a central character, whom we accompany down a certain downtown city street. The Radical also features several guests including Maggie Meyer, BC’s Coco Love Alcorn, and co-producer Jody Richardson.

Catch them at The Ship with Mercy, the Sexton on April 18, and with Pathological Lovers on April 25. Check www.trailercamp.net for details.


  1. matt · January 29, 2011

    Not Radical?

  2. Al · January 29, 2011

    Not Radical that they’re disbanding?
    I agree.