Track reviews

Track reviews by Luke, 11, and Havie, 9.

Track: The Fall From Here — “Speaking in the Form of Motion Pictures”

From Speaking in the Form of Motion Pictures (2007)
St. John’s, NL

Havie: (Giggling) He sounds like a bear!

Luke: (Nervous laughter) I can’t really tell what they’re saying… the noises at the beginning are painful. They sound like chimpanzees. And a bit of throat singing.

Havie: …Now he sounds like a dinosaur!

Luke: They said the word “hope”. That’s the only word i could make out.

Havie: I like the tune of it, but I can’t really hear the words.

Luke: There’s lots of guitar in it.

Havie: I don’t like his voice because it sounds kind of scary. The first part I thought it was going wrong, because it sounds like a blur.

Track: The Human Soundtrack — “Tongue Moves Fastest”
From Organs For Sale (2008)
St. John’s, NL

Luke: Well, I’d listen to this, but it’s really long and it fades out really long too.

Havie: I like it. It’s much more clear than the first one.

It’s a bit less BLAAAARAAWRAAAAH! than the last one… I know what they’re saying.

Havie: I like how it gets slower and more quiet in the middle, and then gets louder.

Luke: It has lots of different parts, it changes a lot in it—it seems kinda like a few songs.

Track: Victor Lewis — “Hail Kittania!”
From Good Intentions (2008)
St. John’s, NL

Luke: Well, I think this one may be the best one.

Havie: I like it, kind of.

Luke: I recognize some of the parts in it, like some parts are used somewhere—the melody and the words they had in it. I heard bits of it somewhere.

Havie: I like the beat, but I don’t really like the tune.

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No, this isn’t a strange acronym or internet meme or onomatopoeia — sometimes I just forget to change titles from their placeholder text. When that happens it’s totally obvious, but this one is weird enough that it half works. On reflection, I’m glad it didn’t say “Newfewf”.

13 March 2009

  1. Sheena · March 13, 2009

    This is the best thing ever.