Track reviews

Track reviews by Luke, 11, and Havie, 9.

Track: The Fall From Here — “Speaking in the Form of Motion Pictures”

From Speaking in the Form of Motion Pictures (2007)
St. John’s, NL

Havie: (Giggling) He sounds like a bear!

Luke: (Nervous laughter) I can’t really tell what they’re saying… the noises at the beginning are painful. They sound like chimpanzees. And a bit of throat singing.

Havie: …Now he sounds like a dinosaur!

Luke: They said the word “hope”. That’s the only word i could make out.

Havie: I like the tune of it, but I can’t really hear the words.

Luke: There’s lots of guitar in it.

Havie: I don’t like his voice because it sounds kind of scary. The first part I thought it was going wrong, because it sounds like a blur.

Track: The Human Soundtrack — “Tongue Moves Fastest”
From Organs For Sale (2008)
St. John’s, NL

Luke: Well, I’d listen to this, but it’s really long and it fades out really long too.

Havie: I like it. It’s much more clear than the first one.

It’s a bit less BLAAAARAAWRAAAAH! than the last one… I know what they’re saying.

Havie: I like how it gets slower and more quiet in the middle, and then gets louder.

Luke: It has lots of different parts, it changes a lot in it—it seems kinda like a few songs.

Track: Victor Lewis — “Hail Kittania!”
From Good Intentions (2008)
St. John’s, NL

Luke: Well, I think this one may be the best one.

Havie: I like it, kind of.

Luke: I recognize some of the parts in it, like some parts are used somewhere—the melody and the words they had in it. I heard bits of it somewhere.

Havie: I like the beat, but I don’t really like the tune.

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17 April 2012

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