2011 Atlantis Prize Short List: All the Wiles “Painted”





“Playing music by yourself is important, but so is playing music with your friends in the kitchen,” says All The Wiles’ Katie Baggs.

For her, the band started as a homesick dream when she was living in an isolated community on the north coast of BC back in 2009. She wanted music around her as soon as she returned, so she started thinking about people she wanted to make music with: Ben Rigby (“I have trouble imagining my songs without his banjo on them”), and Jake Nicholl (whose solo album made last year’s Atlantis short list.)

Jared Klok (second songwriter, guitar player and vocalist) was another piece of the puzzle, but he wasn’t even living in Newfoundland when she was headed home.

“I knew if I could convince him to move back here we’d have a strange and wonderful group of people,” she says.

So she convinced him.

Add Jake Nicholl’s brother Billy on bass and cello and you have All The Wiles.

After spending some time playing and adding band arrangements to older solo songs by Baggs and Klok, they decided to book a studio for a long weekend in January and see what would happen.

“I think through the long hours, poor diet, and creative overloading we reached a kind of fatigue and bone-weariness that brought on a high somewhat like a runner’s high,” says Ben Rigby. “We were afraid that once we’d gotten some rest we’d hate it.”

“I don’t think any of us expected it to turn out the way it did.”