True heart

Photo by Karmella Perez

I would like to thank Lesley Thompson for the Nooks & Crannies piece entitled “Ed Loves Kelly.”

To clarify any confusion, I am, and have been since the day I met her, madly in love with Kelly. I tried to tie a few words together to describe the intensity of my love for her and painted what you see in the picture.

If the color red represents passion and love, then the passion and love that flows through my heart must be labeled more red than fire, more red than valentine roses, and red as blood itself. It is a red the intensity of which can only be compared to the extremity of those longing for what I have been so lucky to have found.

I was quite upset that the graffiti was covered up, however it did remain on the wall for quite some time. As I am currently, and temporarily, living outside of the province, I have not been able to pay tribute to my Kelly on the same wall. I had planned on having a local friend return to the wall.

“Ed loves Kelly,” I would have him write, “when divine intervention is my only rescue, she is the breath on which angels speak.”

However, I didn’t want him to wind up in any trouble on my behalf. I will just continue to express my absolute love for her in other media.

Thank you for the article and have a happy Valentine’s Day.

Warm regards,

– Ed Allen


Funniest Local

Funniest Local

Mark Critch

4 January 2012

  1. magatron · January 4, 2012

    That is incredible; for as long as I can remember I have seen the Ed heart’s Kelly graffiti on that wall and always assumed, quite cynically, that it was a lovely tribute to a couple that broke up ages ago. Seeing it as a more elaborate version of the initials along the highway and all over underpasses I thought it was an expression of intense, and fleeting, teenage commitment.

    I was very sad to learn it had been covered up, but the picture is great (and has been the wallpaper on my laptop for the better part of this month) and to find out Ed still loves Kelly is the best thing I’ve gotten this Valentine’s Day.


  2. geoff · January 4, 2012

    I too love that “Ed Loves Kelly…” is still a valid sentiment. But, I am glad the new slogan has not been committed to the wall, it would not have the same impact and it lacks the multiple interpretations of the original. It is too Hallmarkish whereas the original was pure carving in the jr high school desk.