The Kent Boys

On tour with B.A. Johnston, boisterous bluegrass group The Kent Boys are coming to town. We know they’re busy touring eastern Canada so we sent them just a few quick questions.

Why do you describe your music as ‘punk-grass’?

Well, at some point we mixed our punk roots with the country music we had been listening to and started writing our own songs. People have just started calling it “Punk-Grass” and we thought it sounded cool so that’s usually how we refer to it. We’ve also heard “Cow-Punk” & “Black-Grass.” In Montreal they are calling it “City-Grass” but I find they are a little bit “Crab-Grass”. I guess ya gotta call it somethin’, and to each their own.

I see Stompin’ Tom Connors on your list of influences. How much of an influence is he for you folks?

Stompin’ Tom was a huge, huge influence on the three of us. From his songwriting to his do-it-yourself attitude. I sat in the 5th row at his concert last year at The Oshawa Civic Auditorium and he is still amazing at 70 years old. We’d love to open for him one day. We also have a song that mentions that we want to meet him. Everybody should read his books (especially if you are serious about working as a musician).

Ever been to Newfoundland before? Looks like you’re spending a few days on the island, so what do you plan to do here when you’re not playing?

We have not been to Newfoundland before although Clarkey has some roots down there. All of our favorite people in Ontario are all Newfies. I think when we are not playing we’d like to be meeting and hanging out with as many people as possible. We have lots of people from Ontario e-mailing family back home in Newfoundland to come see us, so I imagine that will keep us busy… along with the drinking & the seafood!!!!

And you’ve toured with him so you know for real: Is BA Johnston really Superman?

B.A. Johnston is Superman! He’s just a fatter, lazier version of Superman. He also has no super powers and lives in his Mom’s basement. He’s our hero!

The Kent Boys will be performing alongside The Idlers at The Ship on Friday, April 6 and at with Jody Richardson and Liz Solo at Roxxy’s on Saturday April 7. Lazy, fat casio-singer-songwriter B.A. Johnston is headlining both shows.