St. John’s Storytelling Circle

The St. John’s Storytelling Circle gathers monthly at the quirky Crow’s Nest Officer’s Club. Newcomers can join the usual crowd for an evening of stories.

The evening is hosted by the Reverend Thomas Wyckham Jarvis, Esq., also known for the Haunted Hike. Jarvis is founder of both the Haunted Hike and the Storytelling Circle, and is renowned as a talented and charismatic storyteller.

It’s worth the night out just to get into the exclusive officer’s club and have a peek at the collection of predominately naval memorabilia.

You can tell a folktale or about the creepy dude you met at Bar None. The evening begins with a few tales from Jarvis. It’s an open-mic, and all kinds will take the stage. No one is obliged to tell a tale, but if the fancy strikes all are welcome.

(Thursday, July 13 at 7:30-9:30 p.m. $2 at the door. The Crow’s Nest is located above the War Memorial, the entrace located beside Trouble Bound Tattoos.)

– Tomasz Mrozewski