Sheep for a wheat

If Elling Lien and Bryhanna Greenough buy nothing at the mall and no one hears them, did they really buy something?


Although we live in Canada, it’s fairly common knowledge that the American Thanksgiving falls on November 23, tucked halfway between the commercial blip preceding Halloween and the retail orgasm that rolls on into Christmas.
Historically, November 24 has been known as Black Friday, the first official day of the Christmas shopping season and retailers open early and usually provide massive discounts on their products. In the US it’s one of the busiest shopping days of the year.
The organized reaction against the frenzy began in 1992 when Vancouver artist Ted Dave came up with the idea for Buy Nothing Day.
The idea is for people to come together to collectively avoid the temptations of materialism by not buying a single thing for a single day. It’s a way of protesting the unsustainable consumption which has become commonplace in our society.
Why not organize a clothing swap on the 24th? Or trade those bricks you just got for some ore? Or trade those sheep for some wheat?
Read more about what you can (not) do for Buy Nothing Day.


Like a wind from the desert, Al Jazeera’s English language satellite news channel has drifted into town. Kind of.
The sister of the feisty, taboo-smashing, and controversial Arabic-speaking satellite channel started its first day of broadcast on Wednesday, despite North American satellite or cable distributors’ refusal to carry the new station. For now, Al Jazeera English is only available here in Newfoundland via the internet.
With $1-billion startup capital from the government of Qatar, the station has blasted off with more foreign correspondents in world capitals than all the U.S. networks combined. (!)
Part of their plan is to bring a non-Western perspective to international news coverage. Heaven forbid a media outlet with such an agenda!
See it for yourself online at


Alison Dyer has started a petition calling for the stoppage of work and full public debate of the Johnson Geological Park on Signal Hill. You can have your say here.


Just a reminder that midnight on November 30 is the last possible moment to submit your ballot for The Scope’s Best Of St. John’s Readers’ Survey. You can mail or fax the ballot on page 11, or you can fill it out online

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