Harsh electronic noise musicians from Vancouver Heather Johnston and Michael Piercey pick three of their favourite albums.

1. The Rita “Thousands Of Dead Gods” (Troniks)

“Any record by The Rita is the aural equivalent to a punch in the face. It sounds like sticking your ear next to a jet engine and letting the pilot rev it up for an hour.  The perfect test for your friends is if they look at your stereo like it’s broken when this is playing, they aren’t really your friends.”

2. Earth “2” (Sub Pop)

“Once you remove everything that isn’t essential, like lyrics, melody, structure, all you’re left with is riffing and sometimes even the riffing disappears. Like that story about an Earth show in London where Dylan Carlson walked on stage, stood his guitar in front of an amp until it started to feed back then left the stage,
returning an hour later to switch the amp off.”

3. Bon Jovi “New Jersey” (Mercury)

“The hair, the pants, ‘Bad
Medicine’… how could that not make you want to be a rock star?”

You can catch a free performance by Seagull and local noise comrades Graveyard Water at Turner’s Tavern on August 19th.