Road rage

After thousands of near-misses, close calls, and people not even going out on their bikes because it’s way too insane out there, it looks like there might be a flashing bike light shining at the end of the tunnel: Just this Monday, City Council struck a sub-committee to review the needs of cyclists in St. John’s.

This came in response to a letter presented to Council on Monday from Bicycle Newfoundland and Labrador which complained of a lack of designated cycling areas in the city.

Who’d have thought it would be so easy?

Bicycles aren’t permitted on the trailways through the city, and there are no straightforward places where people can cycle for fun without feeling like they’re playing in traffic.

One idea Councilor Ron Ellsworth mentioned when I spoke with him was to widen Portugal Cove road by the airport to include more space for cyclists.

If you have any suggestions for the sub-committee, would like to volunteer, or would like to show you support the effort, get in touch with committee chair Councilor Shannie Duff at 576-8583, or by email at

A public meeting may be held in the near future, but nothing has been scheduled yet.