Real estate ho!

Dubloon storage

You’re a pirate. You’ve been sailing the seas for weeks on end without a rest. You’re completely shagged out. …What you need is a pirate hideout.
Lucky for you, the City of St. John’s is currently accepting Expressions of Interest for the lease of The Tucker Premises in Quidi Vidi village.
In my currently delirious, caffeinated state, I firmly believe the wharf and building needs to be transformed into a good hideout for pirates. It just makes sense to me.
Some would argue that building a “hideout” in such a plain-view, tourist-packed area as Quidi Vidi village would be a stupid idea. Maybe so, but the universal appeal of pirates is undeniable. Think of the pirate tourists it would attract! …And you know that wherever there are pirate tourists, there are dubloons.
So that’s my hot real estate and business opportunity tip of the week. Contact Gareth Griffiths, Manager Real Estate Services at 576-8440 for inquiries into the property. December 15, 2006 is the deadline.


More seriously: This Saturday, tens of thousands of people in over 80 cities around the world will walk to call for support for peace talks and an end to the 20-year war in Northern Uganda.
The walk was started by two Canadians last year to increase awareness about the Night Commuters – children from rural areas near Gulu who have to walk into the city each night to keep safe from kidnappers in the countryside.
The 2nd annual Gulu Walk will take place at 4pm, starting at Macdonald Drive Junior High. Speakers will include St. John’s residents originally from the Gulu region of Uganda.
You may be desensitized to sad visions from Africa, but this is serious stuff. Read and see more at


You know it’s a bad week when both   Skipper from CBC-TV’s Skipper and Company and Lister Sinclair – best known as the voice of CBC radio’s Ideas program – pass away.
Rest in peace, you two.