by Curtis Kilfoy

Who are you?
Curtis Kilfoy, born and raised in St. John’s. I’ve been doing comics off and on for about five years, as well as playing in a couple bands around town.

What is Pep?
Pep will be a scifi / horror comic set primarily in St. John’s, and later in other towns around Newfoundland. The title character is a woman in her
late twenties, who was born unable to (and not needing) sleep, combined with this crazy metabolism that requires her to eat four or five times as much as a normal person. The consequences of her not getting enough to eat would be dire, but i won’t get into it more than that just yet. Over the course of the series, Pep and her friend Marcia will encounter various strange and frightening things in and around St. John’s.

What was your inspiration for this strip?

Well, I’ve had this idea of writing a comic about a terminal insomniac for years now. No idea where the concept came from, it just presented itself to me one day. What inspired me to make it a sci fi series set in St. John’s was this book “The Dying Days” by Shannon Sullivan. He managed to set a fantasy / scifi story in St. John’s without it feeling too hokey or contrived, as well as really capturing the feel of this place. I thought that was a real accomplishment.

Was there a moment in your history when you knew you wanted to draw comics? What was it?
I don’t know that there was. I just started doing them. I used to do photocopy comics for friends a few years ago. And I did do some comics in elementary school, just me and my friends as this little imaginary super-team or whatever. We’d trade stories back and forth. But there was never some “epiphany” moment, per se.

NOTE: Starting on May 26, Curtis will be organizing a monthly Comics Jam at Hava Java. It will be on the last Monday of every month at 7pm. All comic artists welcome. For more info, contact him at ­

Lesley: This is one of my favorites. I think having submitted a long serialized strip and one short one, shows that Curtis can do it both short and long. I’m stoked about this.

Jonathan: Very well-paced and I like the art a lot too. I remember reading a mini-comic he did that used to be available at Downtown Comics. He’s definitely matured as a visual storyteller.

Bob: I liked the familiarity and locality of the strips.

Andy: I want to hear more from these characters. The writing is very specific—they’re in a real place. It’s funny too, and I like that in a cartoon… This is my number two, although it’s a toss up with Burntside.