Ms. Quote

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Ms. Quote
Tara Fleming

Who are you?
I am an artist (I would say an illustrator but it only fits for about half of what I like to do artistically). I just plug away at building my portfolio, my career, and imagine myself doing great things in the future (positive-reinforcement!) My personal history ranges through several different locations having moved around a lot as a child and attending university and college in two other provinces before settling here. Well I don’t know if I’ve actually settled yet. I am an ‘honorary’ Newfoundlander, by virtue of having spent a total of nearly ten years living here.

What is Ms. Quote?
Ms. Quote is just a normal, cute 20-something girl, who probably reads too much and watches too many movies. A bit of a smartass but well intentioned and not mean . . . Oh wait, this is my bio.
No seriously… If I had to describe the comic to someone who couldn’t see it I would say that it features a girl and her boyfriend sharing pretty typical ‘couples’ dialogue, but with each scenario stemming from a particularly famous quote.

What was your inspiration for this strip?
Ah quotes! Fodder for the unoriginal thinker. Well really, it’s not like I’ll run out of material any time soon! In personality, Ms. Quote bears some resemblance to me—what an ego!—but hey, you write what you know. I wonder who said that?

Was there a moment in your history when you knew you wanted to draw comics? What was it?
I like comics and I always wondered how the artists could think of so much for their characters to say or do week after week. In some ways, it seems more daunting even than writing a novel.
I’ve always been the type to draw anything and everything, though lately I have more focus in my work. I’ve often dabbled with comics and studied the structure and history of them as part of my education.

Jennifer: I like the gimmick in this one—comics built around famous quotes. The source material for is infinite.

Lesley: I like that this format allows Ms. Quote to experiment with different personae and be a total goofball when she wants to. The illustration is great. …Good stuff.

Zach: The emo/beatnik artwork took me in right away, the solid black-and-white is eye-catching and quite stylish.

Berni: I love the artwork on this one and the concept… universally appealing. Even if it misses it can still provide a ‘groaner.’

Bob: Very professional—well drawn and consistent.

Rodney: The panel design, and use of speech balloons is really nice. I like the character designs.