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“The Polish Beer-Lovers’ Party (PPPP; Polish: Polska Partia Przyjaciół Piwa) was founded in 1990, one of its leaders being the satirist Janusz Rewiński. Originally, the party’s goal was to promote cultural beer-drinking in English-style pubs instead of vodka and thus fight alcoholism. The humorous name and disillusionment with Poland’s political transformation led some Poles to vote for the party. The nature of the party’s appeal to its supporters was reflected in frequently-heard remarks that maybe with the PPPP at the helm “it wouldn’t be better but for sure it would be funnier.” In the 1991 parliamentary elections the PPPP won 16 seats in the Sejm. The party soon split into Big Beer and Small Beer factions, despite Rewiński’s claims that “beer is neither light nor dark, it is tasty.” Eventually the PPPP was dissolved and some of its member deputies joined more serious parties.”