Leonard Cohen coming to St. John’s

The world-famous singer, writer, and poet will be coming to Holy Heart Theatre on May 26. Tickets, which range from $72 to $100, go on sale next Thursday, March 20th at noon. They go on sale at the Mile One box office, or you can call 576-7657, 1-800-361-4595, or online at mileonecentre.com.


Blogoween: The Island (1980)

If you like pirates, this is a fun movie, because these are real-deal 17th century-style pirates. Sure, they’re aware of the modern world, but they’ve chosen not to take part. Instead, they’re busy killing yachters, stealing children, and inbreeding.

6 October 2009

  1. neale beckwith · October 6, 2009

    What a ridiculously ancient young picture of Lenny. Age phobia or just wishing!?

  2. Elling · October 6, 2009

    Definitely age phobia… :)

    It was the first image I found that I knew I had the permission to use.

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