Holiday to-do list

Elling Lien already has his two front teeth, so he’s doin’ all right.

As the cold, dark, windy season approaches, so does the urge to give and receive.
Conceived by two Californian activists, The Global Orgasm for Peace is planned to hit on December 22.
Plan is to get everybody on the planet to have an orgasm on that day.

The logic is that an orgasm brings about a peaceful and meditative state which these folks claim is the antithesis of war. They say war is the outgrowth of men trying to impress mates with a “my missile is bigger than your missile” mentality.
So, they say, by taking part in the global orgasm for peace, participants would be channeling their sexual energy into something more positive.
What they hey? As one blogger put it: “You know what they say about chicken soup: It can’t hurt.”
But hold on… a synchronized global orgasm… Couldn’t that disrupt the orbit of the earth?

When you get tired of making all that peace, why not take advantage of the busy season and create some disorder?
Santarchy, also known as SantaCon, Santa Rampage, or the Red Menace, is a gathering of hundreds of people dressed up in Santa costumes.
It all started in San Francisco in 1994 with about a hundred people showing up in cheap red suits to drink and roam the streets but has since reached “critical x-mass” proportion, spreading to many major cities in North America, as well as Tokyo, London and Moscow.
Singing carols like Sinful Wonderland and Deck the Malls, the Kringles of Chaos roam the streets armed with flasks, making pit stops in restaurants and bars as the night unravels. Their golden rules are don’t mess with police and stay away from kids. This much Santa could blow anybody’s minds.
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No matter how you spend your time, we hope you get to spend a quality amount of it with the people you love this holiday.
See you on the other side.