Comics Contest 2008 results

Dear Clients,

I’ll be sending another PBF next Monday. After that, I’ll be discontinuing The PBF as a weekly strip.

I’m making this decision for a variety of reasons, but mainly because I want to do other things besides be a cartoonist. […]


Nicholas G, The PBF : )

When we first received this e-mail earlier this year from Nicholas Gurewitch, creator of the comic strip The Perry Bible Fellowship, we didn’t quite know what to do. The Scope had been syndicating The PBF since 2006, and it had been featured prominently in the paper ever since.

At first, we tried to think of other comics we’d like to syndicate. Something dark. Something funny. Something … Perry Bible-like.
…Maakies? Wondermark? Underworld? Although they’re great comics, we felt that none of them comics on their own were as consistent, or funny, or had as wide an appeal as The Perry Bible Fellowship.

Then we realized: we live in Newfoundland, which is kind of like the Land of Chocolate, except instead of chocolate, it’s wit and dark humour. Why don’t we have a comic contest, and the winner will run in each issue of The Scope for a year? So we did. We put a call out.

And we got mail.

We received 17 valid submissions to the contest. It was pretty awesome. We had no idea we would get so many high quality submissions.

We decided to choose 5 top winners.

We hope you enjoy getting to know the 5 cartoonists and their regular strips, because you’re stuck with them for a year, suckahs…


TOP WINNERS (Publication in The Scope for a year):
Burntside by Ray Denty
Pep by Curtis Kilfoy
From Earth by Ricky King
Ms. Quote by Tara Fleming
Downtown Kid by Matt Grant

FIRST RUNNER-UP ($100 prize):
Kiddo by Sarah Walsh

SECOND RUNNER-UP ($50 prize):
Pancake & The House of Savages by Julie Whalen


Our judging panel
Many of whom are secretly—and not so secretly—into comics.

Andy Jones is a writer, actor, comedian, and all-around torchbearer for Newfoundland and Labrador culture.
Berni Stapleton is also a writer, actor, comedian, and all-around torchbearer for Newfoundland and Labrador culture. Little-known fact: she can turn invisible.

Jonathan Adams is a writer, critic, and comic artist. He once spoke on the phone with Nick Gurewitch and asked him about nihilism. He is perhaps best known locally as the guy who wrote a negative review of Young Triffie.

Lesley Thompson is a lecturer in the Department of French and Spanish, and president of the Lecturers’ Union of MUN. She is generally quite serious-minded, but enjoys a fart joke as well as the next person.

Bob Hong is the owner of Timemasters Inc., on Kenmount Road. He is also an historian, and genuinely would like to see the geeks of the world unite.

Zach Goudie is a reporter with CBC-TV’s Here & Now, and he and his team were finalists for an award at this year’s Atlantic Journalism Awards. He has a secret love of comics, but don’t tell anybody.

Jennifer Barrett is a screenprinter and cartoonist. She has written a comic strip in the Bottom Line section of The Scope for a really long time, and has been publishing more comics online at She once dressed as Smokey the Bear on Hallowe’en.

Rodney “THE IRON HMSTR” Wall is the lead singer of Skull Face and Others, and is a big comics fan.