by Ray Denty

Who are you?
I was born and raised in Goose Bay, Labrador for about 18 years then I moved out here. I went to Compucollege to do 2D / 3D animation. I remember watching Heavy Metal and thinking, wow, I want to do something like that.

After that I didn’t get any work, so I was just jumping around job to job for two years. I had seven different jobs in two years! Then I finally went to CONA and here I am.

What is Burntside?
Burntside is about a guy who works in a video store who has really bad anger management issues and he’s stuck in a dead end job because he got out of high school and hasn’t decided to do anything with his life. When I was in high school back in Goose Bay I worked in a video store. The character is a little bit of me, exagerrated. Picking apart regular life and regular people’s tics.

Really, it’s an imaginary place in my mind where I take me and everyone else I know, things I’ve seen, and exagerate them to the point where things get crazy.

What was your inspiration for the strip?
I started drawing comics is in high school, and my friends would say ‘make me into a character!’ And they’d get a kick out of it. There’s a notebook I have at home that is mostly people I know on adventures like these.

What was your first comic?

It was in grade two or three… it was this guy named Blood Hound, and he was a serial killer for hire. In almost every panel, Blood Hound would go in and shoot a bunch of people. I can’t blame mom now for taking Mortal Kombat away from me.

Zach: Give this a little time to grow in print, and the payoff will be issue after issue of ever-improving comedy.

Lesley: Yay, I laughed! …Sold.

Bob: Let’s face it… working retail sucks. And yes, we all (those who work retail) talk about customers when they leave our stores… it’s what sustains us in our hour of need. Isn’t this how Kevin Smith got his start? Is this a secret that I shouldn’t have revealed? Perhaps not…

Jonathan: It’s a bit of a navel-gaze strip and I don’t really like the ones where he enacts violent revenge fantasies on people he finds annoying (sympathy for the allergic, I guess)–but he’s got personality and personality goes a long way–or so I’ve been told.

Andy: The content and art work made me laugh. This is my number one.

One comment

  1. jonathan · December 19, 2010

    I’m a little embarrassed of my adjudication here. I liked the strip a lot more than (for whatever stupid reason) I was willing to let on when I wrote that. I’ve been told I suffer from male PMS.

    Congrats to all the participants! I am humbled and amazed anew by all this hidden creative energy in St. John’s and can’t wait to start reading the winning strips in The Scope on a regular basis! You kids are alright.