Bike the Street

Bike The Street was started by Matt Reynolds and Hugh Newman as an alternative riding group. According to the mandate it is “for all riders experienced or not, road riders, commuters, mountain bikers, fixed gear riders, racers, anybody who has a bike and wants to get out and bike the streets of St. Johns and area with fellow bikers!” They head out on 15 to 30km there-and-back rides to pretty places like Cape Spear and Petty Harbour.

“It’s really casual,” said Reynolds. “On the shorter ones we’re riding side by side — it’s just like hanging out on wheels.”

There isn’t any formal organization — it’s primarily a Facebook group — but that doesn’t mean it’s insular. “I didn’t know lots of the people before they started coming down,” said Reynolds. “It’s a lot of friends of friends.”

As a community also, Ride the Street is pretty relaxed. Anyone is welcome, on any kind of bike, and spandex is definitely not required. The group meets Sundays at two (“In case anyone went out the night before,” said Reynolds) at Bowring Park — or find the group online here.