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photo of A/V performing at the basement in June by Jen Squires

Last night I checked out the first of this weekend’s three A/V (New Brunswick) shows with Kettle Black (Vancouver). The one man dance sensation A/V made word of mouth waves back in June playing to small, but enthusiastic crowds  at the Spur and Basement with Wax Mannequin (Halifax) and local keyboard dance pop sensation I Am A Wild Party.  Word of mouth (and a Scope hot ticket) seems to have paid off because the Spur was packed and dancing last night – it didn’t hurt that a gang of fans/friends appear to have made the trip along or behind (maybe they just happened to be here – but New Brunswick was definitely in the house). At one point  A/V – announced that he came here because he knew he’d have "a fucking great time." And based on the report on his blog, he surely did.

Now about the show…

Opening the show last night were local favourites (well mine anyhow) Cherie Pyne and Vampires of Love – both of whom put off  fun sets (though there were some technical difficulties and the Vampires were admittedly unrehearsed and loose – which is part of their charm) they did a good job getting the party started. Though Pyne and the Vampires won’t be playing the other shows, you’ll have other opportunities to catch them in the coming weeks – but if you’re looking for something fun and different tonight and tomorrow night is the time.

One man sound experience The Kettle Black aka Nick Johannes’ music has been described as "experimental/folk/punk" but that list falls a little short – at times danceable, at times jarring the set last night was definitely unique. With the lights turned completely off the performance area (or back corner of the room) was lit only by candles and the glow from the digital gear – with the mood in place digital sounds melded with others more organic ( a small kick drum, guitar and chimes that Johannes’ would occasionally kick with a startling effect).

A/V pulled a flawless set of his signature "new wave/electro/punk" out of the stack of electro gear he danced behind the whole set, which went way-late (3 am-ish) due to requests for "MORE!"

Anyway I’m pretty sure the Spur out danced the Zone last night, and If not for the Holiday I would be posting pictures but that will have to wait – but you shouldn’t. As you know it is very rare that sound artists this left (and it goes further left) take the thirteen hour ferry here – show them that you appreciate the effort!

Check the listings for the  wheres, and bring your dancing shoes.


For more information on the bands that performed last night visit their respective links:

Listen to the bands at:

http://www.thekettleblack.com (or) http://www.myspace.com/nickjohannes

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20 August 2009

  1. rachel · August 20, 2009

    In the future I will proof read things written after having stayed out till three am the night previous, and then woken by roof repairs before nine.