A new and genuinely exciting new craft center opened this…

A new and genuinely exciting new craft center opened this morning in Quidi Vidi…

From the link: “The primary function of the Quidi Vidi Village Plantation is to provide a vibrant focal point for visitors to the community through interaction with emerging craftspeople, and historical interpretation of the region.

The Plantation craft enterprise program will stimulate local economic growth by providing a supportive environment for the development of successful new craft businesses.” (Quidi Vidi Village Plantation)


Prison DIY

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7 June 2007

  1. Yep · June 7, 2007

    Hey, it’s open from 10-4 , 7 days a week. Come down and meet the crafters!

  2. anon · June 7, 2007

    what do you mean by “genuinely” exciting? subtle dig at other craft centers?

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