30th NL Folk Festival Schedule

August 4-6

One time pass: $12 adult, $6 youth/senior, 12 & under free. Weekend pass: $50 adult, $25 youth/senior, 12 & under free


Friday, 7pm
Art Stoyles Band, Shirley Montague, Dermot O’Reilly & Fergus O’Byrne, Amelia Curran, Mahers Bahers, Rowdy Blues Band, Jason Whelan Band, Colleen Power Band

Saturday, 1pm
Main Stage: The Session Crowd, Donna Roberts, The Pickett Line, The Rosalines, Christina Smith, Dave Panting, The Ray Walsh Family Band, Youth Invasion
Neil Murray Stage: Katrina & Keely Boland, Peter Green, William Burgess, Danny & Peter Mills, Allan Ricketts, Naomi & Tamsyn Russell, Ellen Power, The Palmer Girls

Saturday, 7pm
Traditional Song Session-Anita Best, Aoife Murray, Gabrielle Bouthillier, Seamus Faye & Gerard + Tobias Pearson, Harry Martin, Serre L’Ecoute, Ron Hynes Tribute, Nancy Kerr & James Fagan, Tickle Harbour, Mopaya
Sunday, 1pm
Main Stage: The NSGS, Duane Andrews Quartet, Dave Penny, Tales & Tunes from Pigeon Inlet w/ Kelly Russell, Forgotten Bouzouki, The Benoit Family, Crooked Stovepipe
Neil Murray Stage: Fergus Brown-O’Byrne, Susan Hill, Charlotte-Anne Malischewski, Jenna Kelly, Born ‘N Bred, The Meyers Girls, Eric West w/ youth from Vineland Music Camp, Even Tide

Sunday, 7pm
Main Stage: The Flummies, Paul Pike, The Cavan Crowd (Seamus Faye, Rob Murphy, Aoife Murray, Martin Donohoe & Seamus Creagh), David Francey w/ Terry Tufts, The Fousty Toutons, A Crowd of Bold Sharemen, Sing Out the Festival



Flutes & Whistles Workshop w/ Michelle Brophy, Gerry Strong, Paul Pike, and Rob Murphy, 10am
A Bit of Everything Workshop w/ Seamus Faye and Aoife Murray (lilting), Dave Panting mandolin), Gayle Tapper (harp), Rob Brown (uilleann pipes), 11am
How to be in a Band Called Tickle Harbour Workshop w/ Tickle Harbour Alumni from across the ages and around the world, 12pm

Oral Traditions
Two Heads Are Better Than One: Dynamic Duos w/ David Francey, Terry Tufts, Christina Smith, Jean Hewson, Nancy Kerr and James Fagan, 10am
Labradorimuit: Sons & Daughters of Labrador Workshop w/ Shirley Montague, The Flummies, Donna Roberts and Harry Martin accompanied by Richard Neville and Peter Hamel, 11am
Building Bridges: The Many Faces of our Culture w/ Seamus Creagh, Aoife Murray, Martin O’Donahue, Christina Smith, Paul Pike, Serre L’Écoute, 12pm

Dance workshops
Traditional West African Dance w/ Curtis Andrews of Dzolali Drum and Dance Ensemble, 10am
Traditional Newfoundland Set Dance w/ Tonya Kearley & Kelly Russell on fiddle, 11am
Traditional Newfoundland Set Dance w/ Ford Elms & Dave Penny on accordion, 12pm

Guitar in Traditional Music Workshop w/ Jean Hewson, Sandy Morris, Terry Tufts, Jason Whelan, 10am
Accordion Evolution Workshop w/ Ray Walsh, Martin Donohoe, Art Stoyles & Frank Maher,11am
Fiddle Styles Workshop w/ Seamus Creagh, Liette Remon, Kelly Russell and Nancy Kerr, 12pm

Oral Traditions
The French Connection Serre L’ Écoute, Anita Best (host) and Colleen Power, 10am
Storytelling w/ Kelly Russell, Mary Fearon, Lewis Cranford & Anita Best, 11am
Song Writers’ Circle w/ Jim Payne, David Francey, Amelia Curran, Paul Pike & Colleen Power, 12pm

Irish Set Dance w/ Bert & Annie Moran + Seamus Creagh on fiddle, 10am
Traditional Newfoundland Set Dance w/ Jim Payne, 11am
Traditional Newfoundland Set Dance w/ Jane Rutherford + Stan Pickett on accordion, 12pm