What was your favourite Hallowe’en costume as a kid?

Dale Jarvis – Storyteller and founder of the Haunted Hike:
“My most memorable childhood hallowe’en costume was a pretty nifty worm costume my mother made for me when I was about 8 or 9 years old. It was basically a large tube of stripped fabric, with a series of wire hoops sewn inside to give it shape. It was pretty cool, in that when I was inside the tube, the fabric was thin enough that I could see out, but it was hard for anyone to see in, so no one knew who I was. On the downside, in true worm fashion there were no arms, which made it a cool costume, but not very efficient for trick-or-treating. In retrospect, I suspect I looked more like a giant ribbed condom than an earthworm, but life was more innocent in those days…”

(Dale’s new collection of ghostly campfire tales, The Golden Leg, published by Flanker Press, is now available in bookstores. All author’s royalties support the Camp Delight Children’s Oncology Camp.)


Zach Goudie, CBC Reporter/Producer:
The Penguin from “Batman Returns”, with my little brother as a penguin with a rocket strapped to his back. Had a big ugly latex nose and everything…Mom was a wiz with a sewing machine.

Dan Galway, Are You Phobic? lead singer:
“I had a pretty awesome pirate costume one year. I think that was my favorite.”

John Fisher, guitarist for Tough Justice:
“As a child I most often would dress up as a Vampire so I would have an excuse to holler “One AhAhA Two aHaHa Thrrree aHaHa!” When I entered my teens I began alternating between the Vampires,Hot Babes, and Punk Rock icons like Sid or Joey Ramone or as I would refer to my interpretation …Faux-E-Ramone “Gabba Gabba Bay!”

Alicia Simms-Young, Tattoo artist and Burlesque Performer:
“As a kid I was a bunny rabbit for like three years in a row. It was this onesie white suit with a hood with bunny ears and little footies. I loved that costume!”


Sarah Hoyles, 3×3 Panelist:
“Mummy costume… because I could fit my snowsuit under it comfortably that is pretty much a prerequiste for ALL halloween costumes in Alberta. …Or you have one for going to school in and then one that is for outdoor use…because it has been known to snow and be damn cold by October 31st. So, if you can fit a snowsuit on underneath you’re set and that was the case for my Mummy costume.”

Jordan Canning, On Screen:
“Anne Boleyn. A box, that balanced on my shoulders, covered in a long dress, with a hole in the middle for my face. The arms were stuffed and affixed so it looked like i was carrying my own head. I scared a lot of second graders in my sixth grade haunted house with that.”

Emilie Bourque, Storefront and People:
I was the Statue of Liberty once, and I loved it. It seems ridiculous now, ‘cause it’s this American thing, but I had this wicked tinfoil crown and a homemade torch with yellow and orange fabric coming out of it, and I think the part I liked best was this silver extra-sparkly face paint. My mom made all of our Halloween costumes, and I loved them all. But that one, and a particularly glam gypsy outfit another year, were my faves.

Geoff Younghusband, 3×3 Panelist:
“Sean Panting and I made these Kiss/Demon costumes one year. We were red, yellow and black with face paint in a pseudo Kiss style with capes and plunging necklines. It’s my favourite cuz we designed and made them entirely ourselves. They were impractical for the October weather but we had a blast making them and wearing them around the house. We probably looked more like homeless members of Kiss than anything else but we thought they were scary rock n roll cool…”

Lesley Thompson, Nooks and Crannies:
What I thought was my awesomest costume was also my most impractical. In grade three I decided to go as a rubics cube. I got a big brown cardboard box and cut a hole for a head and two arms on the sides. I traced out the squares which i covered in different colours of bristol board and used black electrical tape to make the grid. I liked it cause I thought it was pretty clever. And it looked good. But when I wore it at school that day, it chafed the hell out of my neck and armpits, plus I my arms wouldn’t wrap around it so that my hands could meet at the front. This made trick or treating later on impossible. I couldn’t hold the goddamn bag out and open in front of me to get candy. I got really upset and had to change costumes at the last minute. It was all so terrible that I can’t even remember what I ended up going as.

Bryhanna Greenough, Publisher:
“A few times I was a spider for Halloween. Black nylon pantyhose were stuffed with long rectangles of foam and safety-pinned to my back. I just wore all black. It was fun to wear because the legs were super bouncy. The spider costume was originally for a school play. I remember being on stage on all fours and looking out into the audience to try to find my parents, then the music stopped, the stupid curtain closed, and I was caught on the wrong side.”

Paul Warford, 3×3 Panelist:
“my friends and i went as kiss once. i was paul stanley. i dug that one because it showed rock passion, and there was the comraderie of all of us painting one another’s faces. something that would have been considered quite ‘gay’ at that age, under other circumstances.”

Rachel Jean Harding, Photographer:
“my sister went out dressed as a chiquita bannana one year, the costume was amazing. me myself, i was a clown pretty much every year after my first halloween when i was little bo peep. it wasn’t so much a choice as it was the costume that was designated for me. one year i wanted to be a punk rocker, but it didn’t quite work out. it was too cold so I was made to wear a hat, and my sister’s vision of punk makeup really didn’t quite cut it… i really wasn’t that creative. i was all about the candy.”

Jennifer Barrett, Bottom Line Cartoonist:
“I was Smokey the Bear for about three years straight – I had a cool bear mask and I would wear a cowboy hat and handkerchief and jeans and stuff to go with it. I guess I was more like Howdy the Bear, but whatever.”