I saw you, recent ranter, make Fogtown Barber go to making appointments. I can’t even walk into a barber shop. A barber shop. Thanks a lot for spoiling what used to be a simple enough task.


Blogoween: Dead Set (2008)

Blogoween: Dead Set (2008)

A zombie outbreak happens during a pivotal moment in the Big Brother series.

29 October 2010

  1. lobF · October 29, 2010


  2. Elling Lien · October 29, 2010


  3. Maureen · October 29, 2010

    Making an appointment is kind of a simple enough task too. Pick up a phone, make an appointment. Done. Also, I can’t see how one complaint made them change their policy, especially since almost 30 people lost their minds over that one complaint. Perhaps they’ve had many made in store. Or the show-up-whenever thing just wasn’t working out for them for any number of reasons. I just can’t see how one complaint could make a business do that.

  4. anon · October 29, 2010

    I’d be disappointed if they did it due to one complaint. Too bad there wasn’t a way they could have done longer hours. Probably would have to hire a second barber.

  5. totally_gay · October 29, 2010


  6. Tom Servo · October 29, 2010

    They have a second barber now…much better than before!

  7. methuselah · October 29, 2010

    its only appointment based for some days of the week, and walk in on the other.
    i can’t remember the details, but if you phoned im sure they’d explain it better.

  8. Me · October 29, 2010

    If it’s by appointment, sorry but I’m going to go to a barbershop where I can just walk in when I feel like.