I saw you jackass personal trainer b*tching me out for leaving the gym three minutes after closing time. I can’t wait until the y opens.


  1. Gym Staff · April 11, 2012

    You don’t understand that we have worked our 6-8 hour shift and want to go home. Waiting for you is not fun. Come to the gym 3 minutes earlier if you insist on staying late. Or take advantage of one of the metro area gyms which have more suitable hours for your schedule.

  2. anon · April 11, 2012

    I understand you want to go home. I work in the service industry too and I get frustrated when customers stand around browsing far past closing time, but, I was off the floor at the appropriate time and was only THREE minutes past closing time and was treated VERY poorly. I understand you wanting to leave, but, you don’t have to treat people that way. Yelling at your patrons is pretty bad service. IMHO.