I didn’t see you come and meet me the last two times we made plans. WTF is up with you single ladies these days? You don’t want to casually date, but when it comes time to date you then act all casual. Does anybody know how to make a decision anymore?


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30 December 2006

  1. Emma · December 30, 2006

    I wouldn’t take it personally, but I also wouldn’t be trying to make plans with her again. On to the next one!

  2. anon · December 30, 2006

    if this were a girl complaining about single guys the “don’t-tar-us-all-with-the-same-brush’ manmafia on this site would be all over it. Yet they don’t seem to care when women are generalized.

  3. BrokenHeart · December 30, 2006

    Make plans again, then don’t show up! That will teacher her!!!!

  4. anon · December 30, 2006

    sociopathy is an epidemic. keep trying for someone uninfected.

  5. Steve · December 30, 2006

    Ahh, yeah…Because this general statement is usually more directed or assumed from guys not girls

  6. alf · December 30, 2006

    What? did you do a survey?

  7. alf · December 30, 2006

    sociopathy? so they were too busy killing small animals for pleasure to come to the dinner date?

  8. Emma · December 30, 2006

    Right? This is way more “she’s just not that into you” than sociopathic. I’ve known people who could probably be diagnosed as such, and this does not come close to fitting the description.

  9. anon · December 30, 2006

    If she’s unable to empathize with and care about the other person enough to try to make it to a simple date, when the OP has time and emotion invested into it, that is a sign of a sociopath.

    “she’s just not that into you” is not a valid excuse for rude and inconsiderate behavior. You’re not entitled to be shitty to other people just because you don’t find them interesting. If you’ve decided this sort of thing is socially acceptable, you’re helping to create a fucked up society. Thanks a lot.

    Killing small animals for fun, I would call psychopathy.

  10. anon · December 30, 2006


  11. anon · December 30, 2006

    No, it’s not sociopathy – just plain lack of consideration. I’ll never understand why some people think it’s better to act this way than to just say ‘I’m not interested’.

  12. Steve · December 30, 2006

    I don’t think it needs to be explained to anyone that guys are usually viewed less likely or afraid to commit than women.

  13. Gambit · December 30, 2006

    I’m a girl that dates girls, and I have this exact same problem. A lot (not all) of the girls I meet are terrible at sticking to plans of any kind. If you’re not interested, just say it. If you are, stop being a giant flake.

  14. alf · December 30, 2006

    Responding to criticism of generalization with more generalization. Awesome.

  15. mel · December 30, 2006

    I’m a girl that dates guys and I have this problem too. Gender does not determine flakiness.