The Index

Photo by Peter Haynes

Number of rooms sold at local hotels in first six months of 2009:
(up 1.5 per cent from last year)

Average occupancy percentage rate of St. John’s hotels:
(up from 60.5 per cent in 2008)

Number of airline passengers flying into and out of St. John’s International Airport in the first six months of 2009:
(down 1.4 per cent from 2008)

The number of out-of-province residents visiting Newfoundland and Labrador via Marine Atlantic during the first five months of 2009:
(down 1.3 per cent from 2008)

Number of cruise ship passengers scheduled to visit St. John’s in 2009:
(up 45 per cent from 2008)

Number of visitors to the province in 2008:

Average annual influx of money to the province from tourism:

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