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Photo by Craig Richmond - yorkyowl

Happy Earth Day to Mount Pearl mayor Randy Simms!

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“…the people who build and sell cars should give me one that doesn’t produce greenhouse gas in the first place.”

Cost, in US dollars, of the FCX Clarity, Honda’s new hydrogen fuel cell car which emits only water as a waste product:

Number of hydrogen fueling stations in Newfoundland and Labrador:

Cost, in Canadian dollars, of the ZENN (Zero Emissions, No Noise) electric car:

Number of Canadian municipalities that allow such vehicles to drive on all their roads:
2 (Vancouver and Oak Bay, a suburb near Victoria)

“The gasoline makers can just shag off.”

Percentage of each barrel of crude oil which is used for gasoline:

Percentage of Newfoundland and Labrador’s 2007 GDP for which the oil industry was responsible:

Number of Canadian provinces who experienced greater economic growth than Newfoundland and Labrador in that year:

“It seems to me the challenge is to provide a plastic bag that is biodegradable, much like paper.”

Percentage of biodegradable matter that requires oxygen in order to break down:

Percentage of this required oxygen that typically reaches paper, and biodegradable bags, in an average landfill:
Approximately 0

Age, in years, of still readable newspaper dug out of a U.S. landfill in a University of Arizona landfill study:

Photo by Craig Richmond/yorkyowl.