Your Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day from The Scope!

Aimee W…you are such a wonderful gal. Hope you enjoy v-day this year. I know your hosting abilities on stage will surpass those that came before you. Love, the one who wears her heart on her sleeve as much as you do. xo

All kinds of warm, gooshy sweetness on Valentines’ Day… to my Pookie Bear, my Sweet-Pea Monkey, my Sugar Plum and an extra sugary glop to my Sweet-O Wright-O ! xoxox

Amore mio, la mia dolce metà, la mia anima gemella: Vorrei andare a Firenze con me? Un milione di baci per te.


baby, after three years, I’m still smitten.

Can’t wait to kiss your nose, B. Slithering like a snake is so much more fun when we’re together. HK

CFP + ST u r sweetness xxx bunnies on p street

Conquinarious Caffe: Aperitivi per due, mezzanotte, July 5th, 2009? And wear something slinky – I will if you will. Yours, Fedelina

Dave, I want all of St. John’s to know that you are the very best of men. You demonstrate your love for me and our son in every thing that you do. I am blessed in you. Love, Jenn.

dearest st.john’s how i miss thee my ladies of the film fest a former schoolmate named joy the folks at the scope my old roomies, the human one and the clumsy, furry one a no-bullshit college prof from the days of yore for now, i will just have to adore st.john’s from afar ~ s.

DC, the very thought of seeing you makes me do an excited puppy wiggle. With you as pirate captain I eagerly await more fantastic adventures of dancing, exploring, familiar-finding, swimming, and world domination whimsy. But that’s just a vague outline.

Dear C. you are the YANG to my YIN.

Dear L. Cohen, I remember your hands on my hourglass body, and bickering. If it be your will. But you lost the lady of your dreams and I the man of mine Sincerely, Sheila

dear l.e.w. you are cuter than a box of puppies and sweeter than that kraft peanut butter you don’t like :P. i love you more than grilled cheese sandwiches, weed and biggie smalls put together. you’re my favorite. from, guess who :)

Dear Maeve, Never stop singing and dancing. Happy Heart’s Day! Love M, N + K bunnies

Dear Morgan, We think you will one day be an award winning author. Happy Heart’s Day! Love the bunnies on Pleasant Street

Dear Mr. Awesome: If the sun never rises, stars no longer shine, my world will still be bright knowing you’re mine. You love like no other, “our life” has now begun. I need nobody else, for me you’re The One.

Dear Nalanie, Data base queen, musical machine and coffee fiend, you’ve filed our heARTs! xxx m+m

Dear Pretty Girl, I realize that I’ve been winning the past few games of hugs-on-top. You should know that I’m going let you win the next few. Then it’s my turn again, I love you. Love, b

Don’t Be a Grumpy Camel….You Are Loved By Your Neighbour.

Eastern Edge, no matter how hard you make me work I still love you!

eefoc rof tuo uoy ksa d’I ebyam neht yhs os t’nerew I ylno fI

Elayne & Kym, I am so grateful to have us all living in the same city! Let’s keep the sister sister party’s going! Love, Joann

Fantastic 5 I appreciate your commitment to your workplace and the collective group. I admire your determination. Keep the faith valentines! Your Admirer

From Lavalife to Calgary, around the world, a cockpit proposal, three weddings, our very own row house and baby MT on the way, you’re still (and always will be) my bestfriend, my lover, my partner-in-crime. Wo ai ni Bei.

G.O.P. You complement every plate. Be my gherkin forever!

Green Green Green Green Green Green Green Green Green

Happy Heart Day Peesack…. All the loaf to you. Love your Turnip. Smooooch.

Happy Valentine’s to my McDreamy. Here’s to the 10-Year Plan and a cat who sounds like he’s wearing high heels when he walks.

Hava Java, Plain bagels are great with plain cream cheese is better You make my soy sicilian Better than anyone EVER!! Marry me!

he likes to play in the dirt, is nice to dogs, has many silly-bones, is cute & clever, creative, at ease…hmm, sure hope i’ll meet him at the Slow Food Speed

Hiya smelly! What’s your name? What’s your favourite colour? Hee hee hee ? Loves & bum 4ever. From your one and only you know who.

Dating funky dance party!

hey bravocado! add some strips & you warm my heart!

Hey Monkey! Are you nice? I think you are!

Hey there breakwater lady, wont you be mine? xoxo McDreamy

Hey there breakwater lady, wont you be mine? xoxo McDreamy

i am totally in like with you. your nerdiness is the best! and it secretly turns me on! i think about you all the time and i want you to be my valentine.

I O U 1 slow dancing party Mary

I saw you wearing a Dream Theater t-shirt one day and you stole my heart away. I doubt that I’ll ever know you, but still I hope you have a happy valentine’s day. Always remember that “Love is the dance of eternity…”

I’d like to wish a Happy Valentine’s Day to my son Neil, and all my nephews and niece living away or in Nfld.

If I fell in love with you could you promise to be true And help me understand ‘Cause I’ve been in love before And I’ve found that love is more Than just holding hands

if you love me you’ll draw me a bird

I’ll see you in a tent, on a mountain top. Can’t wait till our June unfolds!


I’ve fallen in love many times… always with you. KW

Jam Jam I love you and that is simple. I am glad that you are my company on this crazy roller coaster called life. Weiner

Karla me lover…give dat handsome young man o’ yours a big smooch for me on v-day. “Which one?” you ask…your choice ;) Miss you girl! With love from Halifornia, your secret admirer xo

Kimmmmmmm How do I love thee… let me count the ways…. xxx your secret admirer

Leeanna & Lindsay, Thanks for all the warm hugging and loving. Thanks for letting me sleep in you bed! Love, Angel Greeley

Let’s be zombie lovers until the end of time.<3 keep me? -cmd Lil Monkee. Lil Sweets McGee. Lil Booter. Sweet lil head with a butt for a head with nice bipper sauce. Hunter Sweets. Barn an raised on Bell Island. Genka genka. Loves me sweet bip. Be mine. lips love light laughter / soft skin and strong stature / a strange glow / an indescribable being / she’ll be over the rainbow / teaching pigs to sing Lori, Don’t play hard to get, can’t you tell I’m pining. Love your secret admirer. loverboy! you are the best thing I could have ever imported. Ever. XXOO Mango Love, Escape the chaos of our children, work, and bands. Meet me at our tropical island Saturday night. I’ll turn up the heater and meet you with a plate of tropical fruit and girly drinks. Lemon Love Master Rowe, You are a pleasure to have as a student. I look forward to many successful terms in the future. Miss J. Button Michelle will you be my caterpillar? Mitten You make winter warm and cozy. I love my life with you…L’il Pink xo Monkey Boober Head, Did you know that you are my little Sweets MaGee? Also my tiny baby monkey butt head. Also a nice. xxx yer monk Monkey Butt, You have a nice butt. I love it. Monkey, I love you. Will you cuddle me tonight? Love yer lil Edvard Monk. MR, I wants yer bird and I knows yer queer as February 29th. Let’s get ‘er done. MTBR, I have fallen off the fence into your warm and loving arms. I never thought this could ever happen to me and here I am falling for you. It’s as simple as it should be! Smooches! Miss J. Button Not when I stop and just stargaze/Not when I stare at the moon’s phase/Not when I watch comets cross the skies/When I look in your eyes. Nushka + Kaila Hop Hop Heart Bunnies Love always mom Oh baby I, I, I, I’m fallin’ I, I, I, I’m fallin’ Fall Oh me Dollie… I miss and love you so much. Your owner too, though it’s a shame he’s a weirdo. oh she may be weary them girls they do get wearied wearing that same old shaggy dress, yeah yeah but when she gets weary try a little tenderness, yeah yeah Old town; out there west. / You tell coming weather, / Help me have sound rest. / Old tunnel; where we best / Hold silence together -/ Wind without our chest. / Old love; come here lest / We could forget whether / Life be toil, or blest. On this day we both ignore, of myself i do implore to ask of you but one small chore: forever will you be my whore? To Elsa. With romantic, horny love. From Darcy. One day will you paint the chicken? Pardon the way that I stare. There’s nothing else to compare. The sight of you leaves me weak. There are no words left to speak, But if you feel like I feel, Please let me know that it’s real. You’re just too good to be true. Can’t take my eyes off you. pumpkinbread-thank you for being the most exquisite and forthright lovah. i loves you, i do. -sugarbear Ryan Snodden Your bringing on a high-pressure system… in my pants. SAK, you’re my very favorite! xoxo See you almost everyday, your so close yet so far away / Been feeling this feeling for so long, yet beautiful our time has but begun / Love is a long road I once was told (TP) / The right place the right time your arms I will hold. / :) The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea In a beautiful pea green boat, They took some honey, and plenty of money, Wrapped up in a five pound note. The Owl looked up to the stars above, And sang to a small guitar… The Poet In Me / I find the poet in me… / not when I stop and just star gaze / not when I stare at the moon’s phase / not when I watch comets cross the skies / when I look in your eyes / Wayne Timmer Tots Thank you for being my sunshine and the right side of my brain. Oh, you should know that you are delightful in a strapless dress. Weiner To all of the local gals who do burlesque shows these days, I say thank you for your sensual va-va-voom. I love you all. To Cyril, The cute boy in the window of Hava Java on my way to work… luvs ya To lil’ sister MARY, newbie in town and Eastern Edge worker-extraordinaire. Here’s hoping Edward Cullen finds you this Valentine’s. To Maria, Jordan, and little baby Gabe: I hope you enjoy your first Valentine’s Day together as a new family! With much love from Halifax…em xoxo To my beautiful Ship Inn girl… no, not you…the funny. pink, delightful one. I love you more every day. To my catterpillar you make everyday worth living. Kisses. To my goof: one down, many more to go – all thanks to Harper – who woulda thought he’d be good for something, eh?! <3 *squint* to my quebec lovers, one twisted sister employee, residents of the QV house (cats included), and one sweet young thing in the bright yellow coat- COME THE FRIG TO HALIFORNIA AND GIVUS SOME LOVIN’? (I love you always, like the bon jovi song) To Niko, Anita and Will, WE LOVE YOU!!!!! from the Pleasant street bunnies To: The Handsome Shop Boy Your smile makes me feel shy, but I like it a lot. From: Shy Guy Valentine, I am sorry that I killed the gerbils. I didnt really like them but I still feel bad. I hope that you still love me. The Neglectful Mother whose bed have your boots been under? and by boots i mean reeboks. i’ll miss ya. Why do I lover her? Julie is super cute, y’knows; Makes me green smoothies. You are my favorite everything. You are the sky. You broke my heart and treated me like poop. Still, I can smile when I think of you because I know deep inside – no one will ever give you an orgasm like I did. Enjoy your right hand! You who held an orange in the palm of your hand, who pours love into all your culinary delights and magical mixtures, who remains in your castle of warmth, may all your wishes come true! Your bumfly loves you! Your car is Red Your jacket is Blue You’re the sweetest boy I know And I’ll always love you! You’re my favorite, thanks for the best 5 EVER! tots You’re mine, Hubby C. I am smack upside the head with love. xoxo Wifey P You’ve got the window and the heater but you light up my lifeeee!!!!! for michelle, xoxo mary Zucca…Dolci & gelatti with Arturo?

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