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I was amused by the response of VOWR’s Geoff Peters to the use of the phrase “that old people one in the Church”. I suspect it wasn’t so much a slight by the Scope as an admiring inclusion of an 85-year-old conservative institution into the pages of a breezy, alternative newspaper. Surely there’s room for both! The Scope may not have as many volunteers as VOWR but it is to be admired for its ability to have a band of hard-scrabble, passionate, downtown guerillas who keep older townies like me plugged into what’s happening in the arts, music and entertainment in this beloved city of mine. And it does so in a paper that’s imaginative, lively and fresh.

By the way, I also am a fan of VOWR, listening every Saturday afternoon to Tom Hann’s music show (the second-best show
on radio!)

If there is any issue I take with this, it is the use of Mr. Peters paternalistic and dismissive phrase “rag” in describing The Scope. He seems to suggest that if the Scope was judgmental in its description of VOWR (it wasn’t) then that’s wrong, but it’s okay for VOWR to try to destroy all the good work of the paper by using a word that is unkind, hurtful and untrue. Is that the Christian message that the Voice of Wesley Radio likes to spread?
John Furlong
Host of The Fisheries Broadcast
CBC Radio

I do thank you for including my email as a letter to the editor in your latest edition of The Scope. I have had a number of calls from friends and listeners to VOWR concerning my remarks, so your paper is being read and that’s a good thing. I would suggest that some of your younger readers tune in to us at times as groups like the Eagles, ABBA, Shania Twain, Josh Groban, and even the Beach Boys have a wide appeal—however our target market are those a little older. Which is fine with us.

I have to say, I enjoy most items in The Scope, especially what’s happening on the entertainment scene. I usually get my copy at Coffee & Co where I am a regular.

I wish you continued success with the paper.

Geoff Peters
Host and Coordinator
Morning Radio

Dear Food Nerd,

I’m wondering if you happen to shop at Sobeys Ropewalk Lane? That’s my local grocery store—I always go with several potential recipes dancing in my head, only to leave with enough ingredients for buttered toast and muttering curses on Mark Bittman for even daring to mention shallots.

One day last fall I nearly had a complete meltdown in the produce department (it was a rough week). It had been over a month since I’d seen cilantro at that store and figured I’d give it another go (cuz I ♥’s me some cilantro). In case cilantro was MIA again, I’d get some fresh ginger root for a few stir fries and chana masala. When there was no ginger, I left. I had to stop shopping and remove myself from the store, the temptation to declare culinary bankruptcy and stuff my cart with Pogos and frozen pizza was too great.
Steven Granter
online at

There’s a Neighbourhood Association needed in the Carter’s Hill, Long’s Hill, and West to Casey Street area, it is definitely not one of the prettiest areas of the City. There are hardly any green areas or flowers. There are no park-like setting for our seniors to enjoy a nice day. Most residents don’t have backgardens, and have to sit on their front steps to get fresh air in the summertime. Beer bottle smashing seems to be a great past time for some people, we have no dog park, we have very little city garbage containers, and in the spring the whole area looks awful. Hopefully an association can be started to improve this area of town.
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While I enjoy a good flea market as much as anyone, aside from that annual event, the Georgestown Neighbourhood Association seems to miss the dart board completely. What rock do I have to look under to find out about your outreach meetings? Why not try knocking on a few doors? With all the different people and social issues that go on in the area, I find it more than a little selfish and high-browed to say preserving historical significance is one of the biggest priorities in the neighbourhood. I would burn Holy Heart Auditorium to the ground if something useful to the area would replace it, even if it didn’t look like it was from the 19th century.
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  1. Elizabeth Oliver · May 18, 2012

    As Chair of the Georgestown Neighbourhood Association, I would like to thank CMurphy for the opportunity to give a little more information about the organization.

    We are a purely volunteer group, with a Board selected at an Annual General Meeting open to all residents of the neighbourhood.

    Our events are advertised in a variety of ways, depending on the nature of particular activities and working within the limits of our very small budget. Notices of all events are sent out to the Association e-mail list and posters are placed in locations such as the Bakery, the Georgetown Convenience Store, MooMoo’s, the Video Store and poles around the neighbourhood.. Many things are also advertised by flyers delivered door-to-door to Georgestown’s roughly 650 households. We also use free listings such as the Scope’s. And there will soon be a website which will list everything we do.

    If you have e-mail, the best way to know about what’s happening is to send in your address to In the meantime, here is a list of upcoming events:

    February 17: On the Street where We Live, Age-Friendly Communities, The Lantern, 35 Barnes Road, 7:30 to 9:00 p.m
    April 12: Georgestown Egg Hunt (Watch for posters!)
    Late April – Early May, Planning Workshop
    Late May: AGM
    Mid-June: Spring Clean-up
    Mid-July: Neighbourhood Day (Flea markets, food, music and more)

    And finally, I would like to mention that the City is holding a public meeting at The Lantern, 35 Barnes Road, 7:30 p.m, Monday, March 2, 2009 to discuss the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan for Georgestown and some of the surrounding areas. While this is not an Association event, we have been working with the City to bring this plan about. Everyone’s input is needed so please come and tell the City staff what you would like your neighbourhood to be.

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