“Welcome to Gayside” opening party

The residents of Gayside, Newfoundland and Labrador renamed their hometown Baytona in 1985. We all thought that the days of Gayside were long gone, but this Friday the queer art trio, The Third Leg, will be bringing it back. The installation exhibit “Welcome to Gayside” tackles issues of homophobia, the AIDS crisis, and queer identity as the artists explore their experiences of growing up gay.

The town they’ve created may be a bit different from the original Gayside, but it does have condoms, souvenir buttons, a limited-edition zine, and a hilarious hand-drawn map of the colony, so perhaps change is good.

The group has made sure to have an exciting opening day that you won’t want to miss. The event starts with live performance art at 3:00pm, followed by short film and video screening from a number of Canadian artists at 6:00pm and then a dance party to finish the night off at 10:00pm.

“Welcome to Gayside” runs from September 16 to October 28, 2006 at the Eastern Edge Gallery, 72 Harbour Drive. The opening takes place this Saturday, September 16.   

      – Dan Murray