Virginia Fudge CD release

Virginia Fudge left her hometown of Lewisporte and took a break from her job as a French and Music teacher in Norris Arm to do what she dreamt of doing.

“I hope that now I can be a different sort of example to those kids,” she says. “I had dreams and aspirations and I left to make them real.”
Over the past year, Virginia Fudge has written 12 songs which have just been recorded on her debut album “Weep to Shine.”
Virginia says for the recording process they kept things simple and “tried to let each song speak for itself without too many bells and whistles.” Her intent was to create an album that held “darkness, a bit of creepiness an times, and a solid rock sound helmed by a piano.”
When ask about the title, Weep to Shine, Virginia explains she often writes songs to comfort herself.
“I think at the time I was trying to convince myself my troubles were worthwhile, that they bring me some place special,” she says. “We endure our pain on our way to better things.”

The cd release will be celebrated with The Nordic Beat on Thursday, December 7 at The Ship. 8pm start.                                                                                  

– Bryhanna Greenough

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25 April 2012

  1. Corey Dwyer · April 25, 2012

    Hi Miss,

    I Didn’t Think I Would See You On Google. Hows Everything With You Good I Bet. Everybodys Fine Out Here Where We Are To. We all miss you out here and hope to see our favorite music teacher again well got go now.

    Lots Of Love From The Students And Staff At Hillview Academy Norris Arm. xoxo…. Mr. Corey Dwyer