Valentine Burlesque

Look out Mother, they’re at it again!

Or maybe you should just say to heck with it and bring your mother with you to the Neighborhood Dance Works’ Valentine Burlesque show.

These events are always weird, wacky, and can be classified as sexy. Hosted by the very capable Mz. Jezebel Express, the show kicks off 8:30 pm at the Majestic Theatre (which used to be affectionately referred to as “The Molestic” by the way.)

The Burlesque shows are fundraisers for the St. John’s Festival of New Dance, which happens every summer, and contributes largely to keeping our city’s professional contemporary dance appetites whetted.

For fifteen bucks you just don’t know what you are in for. It could be a troupe of young hotties prancing around in their undies, bearded pregnant belly dancers, drag queens… One time I saw a guy’s bird through the gusset of his pantyhose!

Now that’s entertainment.

Neighborhood Dance Works’ Valentine Burlesque Show kicks off at 8:30pm on Friday, February 16. Doors open at 8pm, show starts at 8:30. $15. Advance tickets available at Fred’s Records or at the Spirit of Newfoundland office on Queen’s road.

– Diana Daly

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