Tough Justice reunion show

Da Slyme’s double-album may have marked the beginning of St. John’s punk scene, but it was teen punks Tough Justice and their incendiary “3 Seconds of Silence” cassette that ignited the local All Ages Hardcore scene in the mid 1980’s, and songs like Time Bomb, No Proof and Fight Fight Fight were the early anthems.

Fast crunchy power chords, squealing solos, blitzkrieg rhythms and breakdowns, aggressive lyrics and sing-along chorus, Tough Justice’s original tunes kicked ass alongside the SNFU, DOA, Youth Brigade and Anti-Pasti covers they played. Members of Tough Justice have also played in bands such as Wafut, Schizoid, Fish ‘n Rod, Darshiva, Potmaster, the Thomas Trio, and Hot Nuts.

Tough Justice will be performing along with their spawn Judge Dread, Profession Ill, Skullface and Others, and Force Fed at the Basement on Sept. 9. Admission is $5. All ages are welcome.

– Geoff Younghusband